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Here at COINS WANTED we are proud to offer one of the top bullion rates on the market.

We regularly receive quantities of pre-1947 silver coins, from threepences to crowns. Those dated from 1920 to 1947 are made with 50% silver content. The vast majority of these coins are melted down to recover their silver content - the exceptions are coins with rare date and/or exceptional grades, which are appraised and valued separately.

The current rates for 50% Pre 1947 silver coins are around 18p per gram (July 2016) . For daily rates, please get in touch.

Whereas most dealers only offer multiples of face value, we value your coins by weight ! To compare the two methods: £1 face value weighs approximately 133g total. Therefore a dealer offering 15x face value will give you just 11.2p per gram. Every 1x multiple of face value higher or lower than 15x moves the price 0.75p up or down from 11.2p per gram. Compare the maths for yourself!

For a quick and easy valuation by weight, simply check your 1920-1946 silver coins and weigh on your kitchen scales. Then multiply the weight in grams by the current 18p per gram rate for an approx valuation. If you don’t have any scales to hand simply sort into piles and use the following table:-

  • Crowns 4 crowns = £1 Original weight 28.28g
  • Half crowns 8 half crowns = £1 original weight 14.14g
  • Florins 10 florins = £1 original weight 11.31g
  • Shillings 20 shillings =£1 original weight 5.65g
  • Sixpence 40 x sixpence =£1 original weight 2.83g
  • Threepence ( joey) 80 x threepence = £1 original weight 1.4g

Work out the weight and value from the above or simply contact COINS WANTED and we will process and do all the sorting for you. Please feel free, without obligation to phone and discuss your silver coin valuations.